Alex McCord
New York, NY
First time here when it's open, and it's with my Whoo-hoo gals!!
Best post-5K coffee ever!! Whoo-hoo! @DubPies
Gotta love our farm team...Go Brooklyn Cyclones!
On carousel to celebrate lighting Parachute Jump w Marty Markowitz!
Oh @MrsMegJackson - this is for you!
Vive le Cinco de Mayo; fish tacos at our fave Frexican...
Delicious morning break; thank you @RepublicOfTea -- love it!
Our son is somewhere underneath the red & blue cubes, lol.
BEST tuna on rye. Took pic of the box b/c I inhaled the sandwich! ;-)
Face painting, gift wrapping & PJ drive for #Sandy kids @Carters
Since storm hasn't reached us yet restaurants PACKED - Scallop Salad
Says F "Best birthday present ever!" Vintage Obi-Wan Jedi Starfighter
Good old fashioned cheeseburger & fries in the Catskills!
In case u wonder what we'll have tonight watching #CouplesTherapy ;-P
Spelt pappardelle w spicy lamb sausage - my FAVE dish here!
Obsessed w dipping baguette pieces in olive oil + a bit of this salt
Mezcal + ginger = yum...lovely launch event!
Celebrating fashion week w/a bloody good burger :P
Chums wanted 2keep hair long but needed bang trims
This watermelon & arugula salad is delicious!